Temptation Island

Temptation Island: Too close for comfort? It’s safe to say we all recognize the importance of refraining from sex. But what happens when lust tempts us to drift from our stance on sexual purity? What happens when we get “too close” to giving in? Or even worse, what happens once we’ve actually “slipped up?” This conversation is difficult for most people. The feeling of failure lurks through the mind. In addition, many people feel as if they’ve failed God. Condemnation sets in and feelings of guilt arise.

Too Close for Comfort: Temptation is Inevitable

As an abstinent person, you will face temptation. It is inevitable. Unless you are able to refrain from communication with the outside world, you will face it. Staying at home and dodging the opposite sex is unlikely. Therefore, you may be tempted to occasionally engage in risky behavior. The most important thing to remember is the reason why you began your celibacy journey in the first place. Is a moment of sexual satisfaction worth jeopardizing how far you’ve come? Is any person worthy of interrupting your spiritual pilgrimage with God? The answer is no. However, as imperfect beings, occasionally humans are capable of participating in activities contrary to their beliefs. But we must be careful. Nothing is worth our journey.

Too Close for Comfort: After You’ve Made a Mistake

The first thing you must recognize when you’ve engaged in spiritually-illegal sexual activity, is that you’ve made a mistake. Secondly, repenting and asking God for forgiveness is crucial. Not only should you ask the Lord to forgive you. But you must also forgive yourself. Oftentimes we’ve asked the Lord to pardon our sins. But we haven’t pardoned ourselves. Be careful not to keep falling into the same situation. Once temptation lures you into wrongdoing, you must ensure you’ve learned the lesson. Don’t keep placing yourself in a tempting environment. You cannot combat your sexual urges every time. Remember, even Jesus was tempted to do the wrong thing. You are not immune from temptation.

Watch Yourself – Be Wise!

In a nutshell, being “too close for comfort” can be dangerous. Carefully evaluate the people you surround yourself with. In addition, assess your surroundings. You may feel as if you are strong enough to handle temptation. But remember, your flesh is waiting to be satisfied. You may be a spiritual person. You may also have a wonderful relationship with the Lord. However, you must continually guard your soul. It’s not easy being celibate. But it’s worth fighting for.

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