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Sadly, society doesn’t give men enough credit for being able to maintain a celibate lifestyle. More commonly, women are recognized for abstaining from sex, while their male counterparts are encouraged to continue on. Hormonal influence and male sex drive may be partially to blame for the perceived incapability of sexual abstinence, but nonetheless, most people believe men just aren’t mentally strong enough to handle forgoing fulfilling their sexual appetite. But the unspoken truth regarding this subject matter, is that men can be celibate too. It may be less common, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Men Can Be Celibate Too: Celibacy is for Everyone!

When God instructed his people to honor him with their bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) he wasn’t solely referring to one gender more over the other; he was referring to all humans, both male and female. God does not show favoritism in this regard; no one is exempt. Honoring God with your body demonstrates your submission to his will, and your ability to follow his word. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and were bought at a very high price. God desires for us to take care of ourselves, and to refrain from sexual promiscuity and debauchery (Galatians 5:19-21). These rules apply to both men and women.

Men Can Be Celibate Too: Women Aren’t the Only Ones

Just as women are capable of refraining from sexual intercourse, men are able to as well. No excuses. It’s almost demeaning to state men aren’t “strong” enough to abstain. God created men first and to be leaders. He then created women to assist man (not in reverse). It’s almost an insult towards God to state his wonderful creation of man is “too weak” to resist temptation of the flesh. While we undoubtedly all face temptation during our time living on Earth, God gave us the ability to utilize the Holy Spirit living within us to motivate us to resist sinful desires. Our flesh and spirit are in constant battle mode, but we must make the decision to fight the “good fight” and chose to die to our past lives.

Why Does the World Give Men a Pass?

In today’s world, men are more likely to be given a pass to live out their sexual fantasies without guilt or condemnation. This is primarily due to a male dominated society, and the culture we’ve lived in for centuries. Historically, men were the breadwinners, major decision makers, and leaders of common society. Biblically speaking, men are most definitely the leaders of the family, however being in charge does not excuse men from adhering to the law of the land. God’s law is for everybody. A problem exists when mankind believes they know better than the Lord. Sadly, the world often leaves God out of the equation.

All in all, the false belief that men are too weak to abstain from sex until marriage is not of God. This opinion is man-made and worldly. Men can be celibate too. In fact, there are more celibate men than most of us realize. We must have more faith in our men!

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  • Malik 2 years ago

    Indeed, this is so demeaning and insulting men are so negatively stereotyped, kind of “gender racism” and false prejudices. I’m alive to prove all this wrong, as well as many other total abstinent men (total abstinence until marriage means you don’t even touch yourself, for your body belongs to your future spouse, as God intended) Don’t let society define what men or women are supposed to be with their shallow stereotypes and wrong prejudices. Let God define what men or women are supposed to be instead. Only Him is the supreme authority and worthy to rule the world !

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Mythbusters: Men Can be Celibate Too!

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