If you’ve ever friend-zoned the “nice guy” this article is for you. Too often women steer clear of the typical nice guy. It’s true when they say most women desire a bad boy. Bad meaning someone “bad” for you. However, after all the heartache and playboy games are over, the nice guy may be exactly what you need.

7 Reasons to Marry the Nice Guy

1.) He’ll always put you first.

The nice guy wants you to know you’re at the top of his priority list. Therefore, he’ll always go out of his way to show you how special you are. You’ll never have to worry about your emotions being ignored because he’s super attentive to your needs. So much so, it may be a little overbearing at times because he’ll ask you how you’re feeling all the time, and if you need anything. But, just soak all the love and attention up. Wouldn’t you rather someone be overly interested than not interested at all about you?

2.) Compliments are a way of life.

A guy who’s totally into you is infatuated with you. Your hair, your voice, your face…he loves it all. So, he’ll likely grant you comments very often. That’s just something nice guys do. I’ve been there. It can be hard to get used to initially. But just be thankful. Say thank you and smile. Many women aren’t used to receiving constant flattery, therefore it can feel a little uncomfortable when they finally start to receive it. But bask in it. Every woman deserves to be wooed.

3.) He probably won’t cheat.

This reason alone should be enough to convince you to marry the nice guy. He’s highly faithful and usually very trustworthy. His actions will show it as well. He’s accountable and willing to let you know of his whereabouts 100% of the time. He has nothing to hide. You’ll also likely never see any red flags with him. He pretty much checks out on all levels. So, why do so many women steer clear? That’s an age old question. Maybe too much honesty is unbelievable (as weird as it sounds). Many women have dated so many bad guys and players, they become accustomed to receiving less than they deserve. So when a good man steps into the picture, he’s ignored. Bad treatment has become the norm. But, retrain your brain. You deserve better.

4.) He’s selfless. He’ll do anything for you.

If you have a need and he’s aware of it, he’ll fulfill it. No questions asked. As previously stated, you’re his top priority. Oftentimes, his own needs will come after yours. That’s just how much he adores you. If you’re reading this list, and you’re dating a selfless man…he’s definitely husband material. The last thing you’ll ever need in a marriage is a selfish spouse.

5.) When you hurt, he hurts.

The nice guy never wants to see his lady hurting. He’s empathetic and feels your pain. He’ll never want to see you in tears. He’ll do everything in his power to make you feel better. You’ll never have to worry about your emotions being ignored because he is attentive. In marriage, it’s important to have a spouse who cares about your emotional well being. In unhealthy marriages, feelings and emotions are ignored. This can lead to resentment and many other problems. So choose a nice guy who feels your pain. You won’t regret it.

6.) He listens. He really, really listens.

Knowing about your work day is important to him. Hearing about your frustrations is never burdensome. He’ll go out of his way to make sure you’re heard, and wants you to know it. Not only will he listen, but he will engage. He’ll engage in dialogue be responsive to your concerns. After all, you’re the apple of his eye. Marry the nice guy!

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7 Reasons to Marry the Nice Guy

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